Your Solution for Continuous Employee Development

Online training at your fingertips

Shift your employee-development programs online with LearnED’s full suite of virtual learning tools and courses.

Easy to learn and use

The user-friendly LearnED interface ensures employees get the best learning experience.

Why should you get LearnED for your organization?

Transform your talent

Use LearnED to onboard new hires, develop your employees, or upskill your workforce in one simple platform.

Synchronize your content

Keep your content and lessons in one centralized location with LearnED’s cloud-based storage. Use one login for all your data.

Train virtually

Create and execute online training programs with a unlimited classroom time, interactive collaboration tools, and more.

Get real-time updates and reports

See your employees’ progress and performance with a comprehensive, real-time reporting system.

Save time and money

Access and learn from hundreds of pre-loaded courses. Eliminate print waste and classroom rentals, enable employees to learn anytime and anywhere.

Make online training engaging

Upload and use videos and images to engage employees. Make lessons more interactive with LearnED’s collaborative and communication features.

Get LearnED for your organization!

When training, use videos, images, and more to better engage employees. Use LearnED’s collaborative and communication tools to make training more interactive.