Your Online Teaching Solution

The perfect tool for educators

Make distance learning easy for educators with features like virtual classrooms, whiteboards, and automatic progress tracking.

User-friendly platform for students

LearnED’s user-friendly interface helps ensure the best learning experience for students.

How LearnED can help take your school online

Anytime, anywhere

Access LearnED with just a browser and Internet connection. No installation or storage space needed for consistent access and speed.

Easy to learn

LearnED is easy to learn and use so you can get up and running quickly and efficiently. Get a comprehensive manual and access to a technical support team for the best learning experience.

Unlimited virtual classrooms

Start you own video conference in our virtual-classroom feature and enjoy unlimited class time, interactive collaborative tools, and more to help boost learning and engagement.

Cater to different learning styles

Customize your LearnED courses according to your teaching style and students’ learning habits. Include videos, images, presentations, and other interactive elements to enrich classroom learning.

Manage, monitor and reward performance

Get real-time reports and updates so you can follow learner progress and identify struggling students. Reward performance with certificates upon completion.

Make learning interactive and social

Add social elements to distance learning with LearnED’s collaborative and communication tools, such as virtual whiteboards, internal messengers, and more.

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